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Trippeo is an innovative and powerful end-to-end travel and expense management platform. Now available by invitation only.

Introducing the first travel and expense solution designed for today’s connected, on-the-go business traveler

With tech-savvy Generation X and Millennials making up more than half of today's workforce, traditional travel policies are no longer an effective method of managing costs. Trippeo introduces a fresh and innovative incentive-based approach to inspire an open and positive business travel behavior, all while ensuring expenses remain within budget.

Trippeo Dashboard


Booking business trips has never been easier. Start with completely customized flight, hotel and car rental options that align with your company's travel policies.


Manage expenses real-time, as it happens. Trippeo's secure mobile app is the quickest and the easiest way to track expenses without receipts or spreadsheets.


Reward employees for making smart travel decisions. Trippeo's game-based incentives help bring a competitive and collaborative mindset to the company.


See the big picture with real-time visibility and core insights into controlling T&E spend. Get access to Trippeo's analytics tools and take command of expenses.

Increase traveler loyalty and engagement with incentives to stay within budget and travel policy

The Modern Business Traveler

Today’s younger and hipper workforce demands connectivity and mobility. With a beautiful and intuitive interface, Trippeo's mobile app takes the complexity and headache out of business travel and simplifies the experience by allowing travelers to quickly and efficiently book flights and last minute hotels. Trippeo also delivers real-time flight notifications if there's been a delay or cancellation, and allows travelers to instantly access a travel specialist to assist with the trip.

The Modern Business Traveler

Expense Management Reimagined

Trippeo delivers a new and innovative way to manage business expenses without the complexity often found in today's enterprise software. By automatically importing credit card data, Trippeo streamlines the expense reporting process and helps eliminate maverick spending and duplicate expenses. Real-time checks are performed on expenses to warn employees of any out-of-compliance transactions and helps them contribute to the bottom line through awareness and personal oversight.

Transparency and Friendly Competition

Transparency and Friendly Competition

Millennials want to feel connected to their company's goals and to feel empowered to make their own choices. By implementing a modern engagement strategy that connects travelers with their travel program, Trippeo brings a competitive and collaborative mindset to the company. Compliance may not be the top thing on mind for today’s travelers, but by using an incentives-based approach, Trippeo educates travelers on how and why to make smart travel decisions.

Transparency and Friendly Competition

Simple Expense Management

Trippeo's automated & simplified expense management is the easiest app designed for today’s young and mobile workforce. Simply add a business credit card on file and Trippeo will automatically and intelligently categorize expenses on-the-go, eliminating the need for paper receipts and spreadsheets.

One Click Setup

In just a few easy steps, finance and accounting teams will be able to fully set up and customize Trippeo for the entire organization.


Trippeo automatically imports business credit card data and auto-categorizes expenses, streamlining the expense reporting process.

Fast Reimbursements

With a rule-based approval workflow, Trippeo helps employees submit expenses quicker which results in faster reimbursements.

Policy Compliance

With customizable built-in checks in place, Trippeo sends real-time notifications to alert employees if any out-of-compliance transactions occur.

SaaS Technology

Trippeo's cloud-based software is accessible anytime, anywhere and can be scaled and configured to your company's specific needs.

Global Compatibility

Trippeo is a fully-scalable global software solution that is easy to maintain across multiple offices and locations around the world.

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