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Trippeo’s automated expense tracking app helps you establish a more autonomous workforce that saves your company money.

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Centralized Administration

With Trippeo, travel and expense tracking policies are built into the framework of the product. That means employees can book their travel and track their expenses within bounds, and finance teams can work within budget.

Global Compatibility

Whether you’re taking a client out for lunch, or expensing a company dinner in Shanghai, our expense tracking software handles your taxes and currency conversions. We also support over 150 currencies worldwide as well as international taxes (VAT/GST/HST).

Automated Controls and Compliance

Once you’ve set your policies, they are disseminated across your entire organization. That means that you can rest assured that your team is following the rules. And if you need to adjust expense tracking for certain individuals, it’s no sweat.

Fully Customizable and Flexible

Companies are living organisms: they grow in often unexpected ways. We get that. With Trippeo, you have the ability to customize your T&E policy down to team level and an employee level.

Accounting Integrations

We integrate with top-rated accounting software to keep your expense tracking and accounting in sync. We’ve been vetted by companies like Xero and Quickbooks, and are proud to work with them.

Direct Deposit Reimbursements

When your team spends their own money on the business, they want it back. And fast. Trippeo offers 24-48 hour reimbursement directly into your employee's’ bank account. Once a manager approves the report, the money funnels back to its rightful owner.

We’re all about Automation

Trippeo is Mobile

Trippeo’s mobile app is specially designed to keep your road warrior employees on top of their itinerary and their expenses. Expense and travel tracking, wherever you are.


ReceiptKeep’s OCR technology keeps an accurate tally so you don’t have to. When you take photos of your receipts, they’ll be automatically saved and logged as expenses by our handy little bot.

Slack Bot

We don’t want to be another piece of software for your busy team to have a tab for. That’s why we’ve built an integration with the friendly team over at Slack. Drag and drop receipts right from the Slack web or mobile app and let the Trippeo bot take care the rest.

Direct Credit Card Import

We want you to make the most of your Trippeo experience. That’s why we connect with over 15,000 credit cards worldwide. So whether your credit card is issued by a bank in Switzerland or Abu Dhabi, we’ll ensure they are synced and seamlessly entered into Trippeo.

Free Your Inbox

Not every receipt is handed to you over a counter. When you receive online receipts via email, you can simply forward the email to receipts@trippeo.com and our handy little bots will automatically route it right into your ReceiptKeep.

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