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  • Flight Booking Portal
  • Credit Card Integration
  • Gmail Receipt Sync
  • Quickbooks Online Integration
  • Xero Integration
  • Basic Team Management
  • Travel & Expense Policy Enforcement
All plans include SHA-s256 with RSA encryption and daily backups.
To explore your best plan or for a custom quote, contact sales at 1-844-Trippeo (874-7736)

Trippeo unifies your business travel
and expense programs.

Every plan helps you organize better and achieve higher standards of fiscal control.

Book Flights

Trippeo is one of the only T&E solutions in the world that allows users to book directly through the dashboard with pre-negotiated rate, and 2x rewards per trip.

Centralized Policy Control

Give your employees their time and autonomy back. Centralized travel policy means business trips and expense boundaries are clear and automatically enforced.

Automated Expenses

Trippeo syncs with your credit and debit cards to keep an ever-updating record of your expenses and our email bots bring all your e-receipts into one central location.

Team Management

Set up multiple levels of management and approval workflow so that when your employees need that report approved, they know exactly who to send it to.

Mobile Access

With Trippeo’s automated expense tracking iOS app and smart notifications, everything you need to track expenses is accessible from the palm of your hand.

Pay Per Active User

A blanket-solution doesn’t exist. We’ve built our pricing around the understanding that your whole company isn’t always racking up expenses, or booking flights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we implement Trippeo company-wide before we make a decision about purchasing?

Absolutely. We start everyone out on a 30-day free trial with no credit card required up front. You have full access to all our core features and our sales and support teams are on standby if you have any questions or need help getting set up.

What happens when my trial ends?

You will be able to log in to your account and get full access to all your data even after your trial end. While you won't be able to manage your team or create new expense reports, your credit card transactions will continue to sync unless you remove your card from file. We will never delete your data unless you actively decide to close your Trippeo account.

Do I book my flights with Trippeo?

Yes. Our online travel booking platform offers end-to-end flight booking with no 3rd party redirect. We also provide you and your team with money-saving alternatives, special promotions and exclusive rates. You may book your own trips or turn to our knowledgeable travel consultants to book complex international routes.

Can I export my data out of Trippeo?

Yes. Trippeo does daily backups of your receipts and expenses and we support data portability. Any information that you put into your Trippeo account can be retrieved at your convenience in non-proprietary, open formats.

Is Trippeo secure?

We ensure that your data are secure using bank-grade 256-bit SSL encryption. Geo-redundant backups are performed daily, and site security and privacy are routinely audited by respected third parties.

What training options are available for customers?

With Trippeo, you get unlimited free access to live demos and training videos. We’re also happy to schedule additional one-on-one training as needed at no additional cost to you.

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